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New kid on the block

Ella Gourley, Staff Writer

This isn’t the first time a Catholic Central standout has decided to take their talents to East. Last year it was EGR alum Megan Belke, and this year it is Mitch Bussell ‘18, who decided East Grand Rapids provided better opportunities for his athletic and academic career.

Even with a team made up of 18 players, the Boys Varsity Basketball team has gladly welcomed Bussell into the program late in the season. Bussell moved to East Grand Rapids from Catholic Central at the beginning of the second semester this year, and quickly looked to be apart of the basketball program.

¨I am excited to get to know the team a little bit better and build relationships with everybody, so I can get used to the program and really get out there next season,¨ Bussell said.

At Catholic Central, Bussell was on the varsity basketball team, where there was only eight or nine players on the squad at a time, so Bussell has found the team at East different with its large bench, and its surrounding atmosphere.

¨At East there is more of a culture and more of a fan base. Like the student sections are way bigger here,¨ Bussell said.

While the basketball team has provided a way for Bussell to get involved at the school, he is still getting used to the differences between East and Catholic Central.

¨The big thing I have noticed so far is lunch. For lunch at Catholic we only had like 20 minutes,¨ Bussell said, ¨and there is just more people, more of a culture here, which I really like about East.¨

Before moving to the district, Bussell had already played on travel basketball teams with some East payers, so he was welcomed by friendly faces when he started practicing with the team.

Even with the difficulty of switching schools Bussell is looking forward to what is in store for him at East Grand Rapids.

¨It was tough to leave some friends behind, and teachers, and all of the relationships there, but this just felt like the right thing for me and my future,¨ Bussell said.

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