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Pole vaulters flying through the season

Passing by the track, you may find yourself staring in amazement as people fly through the air on what looks like a giant stick. What this actually is, is the sport of pole vaulting. Included as a field activity in track and field, pole vaulting involves a long, flexible pole to assist in jumping over a bar. Campbell Kolk ‘18 is one person who enjoys this and hopes to gain experience as the season progresses.

“The object of pole vaulting is all about getting over the bar with your stick.  I’ve been doing it for about two years now, but really just started practicing seriously.” Kolk said proud of his progression so far. Many things can be listed when it comes to the uniqueness of pole vaulting just by observation, and Kolk clears up the most obvious reasoning.

“I honestly like it because you get to do pretty cool tricks in the air, and in order to get better at it, I just try to be one with the pole, planting my pole in the box, and going from there as I fly through the air. “

Pole Vaulting may be one of the most unique sports offered here at the high school and there is no lack of excitement as the vaulters prepare for their remaining 2017 season.

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