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Student sets out on summer service trip

Grace French, Opinion Editor

Most high schoolers spend their summers binge watching Netflix, sitting by the pool, or working at a local ice cream parlor.

However, this is not the case for Grace Lee ‘19 who will be traveling to Guatemala for two weeks. She will spend her time in South America visiting archaeological ruins, zip-lining through the Sierra Madre Mountains, and teaching english at an elementary school. Lee is traveling through an organization called Global Leadership Adventures (GLA).

“I am looking forward to this trip because it will be a mix of service, cultural immersion, and adventure,” Lee said. “I am also looking forward to using my Spanish speaking skills outside of the classroom.”

This summer will not be Lee’s first international mission trip. “Last summer I traveled to the Dominican Republic with GLA. The minute I got home I began to utilize the skills I learned in the Dominican within my community. I knew I wanted to spend more summers traveling with GLA.” Lee said.

“Last summer I was a little bit nervous to go to the Dominican, I was flying to a different country to volunteer with 24 other teens who were strangers to me,” Lee said. “Now that I already have one mission trip with GLA under my belt I know what to expect. I couldn’t have pictured a better experience than what I had in the Dominican, so I’m thrilled for another life-changing experience in Guatemala.”

This summer Lee hopes to spend more of her time working with kids, “While I was deciding what trip to go on, the Guatemala trip stood out to me was because of its focus on spending time with kids,” Lee said. “Being in the Dominican really sparked my passion for working with kids and I hope to continue working with them.”

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  1. Meghan on April 24th, 2017 1:11 pm

    Anyone interested in learning more about Global Leadership Adventures or the wide varitey of summer volunteer programs we offer can visit or call/text 858-771-0645.


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