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Senior exam exemptions

Annie Meyer-Rasmussen, Opinion Editor

As I look forward to graduation, I can’t help but notice the senior exams scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday beforehand. Although I know they won’t ruin the week, I don’t think seniors should have to take exams at all. The school should reward well-behaving, hardworking seniors through senior exam exemptions.

Senior exam exemptions would be a great way to keep students motivated to come to school and follow the rules. The school could offer exemptions to students with no unexcused absences during their second semester. Thus, students would have a reward for waking up for and coming to class. Additionally, senior exam exemptions would only be offered to students who had not been suspended during second semester. This would be great motivation for students to stay out of trouble.

Secondly, the school could offer exemptions to students who maintained a B+ or above. The majority of second-semester seniors already have their sights set on college, and, oftentimes, they neglect their high school work. When seniors slack off at the end of the year, it’s harder for them to transition into college. They become accustomed to procrastination and bad grades, which won’t slide in college. For the occasional student, ignoring school can lead to an admissions rescission. Exam exemptions would encourage students to finish their high school careers strong, and it would give them a strong reason to maintain their good habits.

Lastly, exam exemptions would make graduation week less stressful. Between senior breakfast, graduation parties, Baccalaureate, sports, and visiting family, there is a lot more going on than a short graduation ceremony. Exam exemptions could give students the opportunity to focus more on enjoying the week and spending time with their friends and family.  

Even if senior exams aren’t the hardest thing in the world, exemptions could offer worthwhile rewards to students and assist them in staying on track.

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