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Hard work pays off: MIPA edition

Journalism students after winning the Spartan Award.

Journalism students after winning the Spartan Award.

Grace Brooks, Staff Writer

The East Vision staff ventured out early in the morning on April 18th to East Lansing for MIPA’s, Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, annual spring awards. We loaded the bus with high hopes for the one day of the year where fellow journalists from around the state gather together and wait in anticipation to see what recognition and awards they’ll receive. Also on our minds was the most coveted award, The Spartan Award. The Spartan Award is a honorable award given to those who have a commendable newspaper as a whole and deserved to be recognized. Having winning the Spartan Award last year we were hoping for a back to back win.

Once we arrived in East Lansing, we entered the large room filled with hundreds of chairs. Seated in these chairs were journalists, editors, photographers, and reporters from around the state that were there for the same reason as us: to see whether the hard work put in over the whole year has won any awards.

As the awards were being read off we were waiting to hear a name from The East Vision. The first name we heard from our paper was Grace French ‘17 for her honorable mention and from then on the awards started to roll in. Ashley Ward ‘18, Asha Lewis ‘18, Auden Elliott ‘17, and Keaton Smith ‘17 all received honorable mentions. Also, Luke Elder ‘17 and Nora Verdier ‘19 received honorable mentions. Additionally, Caroline Pursley ‘18 got third place for an article, Shannon Ors ‘17 won second for the Vision’s website, and Justine Banbury ‘17 won first for her sports graphic.                                                      

Finally the moment we were waiting for, the Spartan Awards. As they were listing off names we waited anxiously to hear East Grand Rapids and before we knew it they called our name. We won the Spartan Award! Partly surprised but mostly excited we were eager to accept it. After a long year of hard work we were honored to receive this for the second year in a row.


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