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Student body given final decision on contentious student council elections

Auden Elliott, News Editor

The week after spring break is most often associated with tired faces and a sense of gloom in the student body who are mourning the end of their last break and dreading the beginning of a two month stretch to summer. However, for some students this week means the beginning of campaign season.

This year the student body had to decide many contentious matchups between candidates for student council elections.

The students running had a week to campaign by hanging up posters and talking to students. This week was ended by speeches to their classes on April 19th. The following day, the student body were given the final vote when they voted in their english classes.

As usual, there were a few close races. Owen Stecco ‘18 and Patrick Morgan ‘18 ran competitive campaigns for class president, and Tomer Andegeko ‘18 and Colleen Janes ‘18 competed for the fourth year in a row for executive president. Despite a well-run campaign and speech by Janes, Andegeko came out on top and won his re-election. Stecco was also able to win his campaign for class president. Other notable victories include Clare McDonald ‘18 as executive treasurer for next school year and Kate O’Connell ‘18 and Annie Karsten ‘18 as vice-president and secretary respectively.

The freshman class also saw rotations in office as Carly Krupp ‘20 was elected as treasurer, and Oliver Shapton ‘20 was elected as secretary. They will join current president Grace Griemsman ‘20 and vice-president Anna Knuble ‘20 on the sophomore student council board next fall.

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Student body given final decision on contentious student council elections