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Focus on DeMarcus Farmer

Justine Banbury, Sports Editor

DeMarcus Farmer ‘18 just started track this year, and has competed the long jump and ran the 200 so far this season. You may not think it from his happy demeanor, but he is actually very intense with his long jump. It is his favorite event.

“I like it because I am good at it,” Farmer said. To those who do not know the importance of long jump, Farmer suggests you practice, run fast, get good speed, and make sure your steps are right. These skills, which he learned from his favorite track coach Mr. Putnam, will help you jump far.

When he is not leaping towards his goals on the track, Farmer has a job at Airtime. He likes this job a lot, but his true passion is listening to music. When asked for some words to live by, Farmer gave one of his favorite Tupac quotes.

“Don’t cry, dry eyes, never let up, forgive but don’t forget, keep your head up.” Thanks, DeMarcus, we will have to remember that.

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