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Twins transition to college

Anna Dayton, Focus Editor

From cradle to college, the nine sets of twins in the class of 2017 will soon face a major life change: considering a life away from someone they grew alongside for 18 years. While most students will not have their parents to micromanage what they eat, or how they dress, these students won’t have their oldest friend to share food, clothes, homework, and friends.

Grace Ruppert ‘17 and her twin, Pierce Ruppert ‘17, are applying to some of the same schools, including Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, and Miami of Ohio. While they are still undecided on which school they each will attend, they like the idea of being at the same school.

“We’re really close so it will definitely be weird if we split up. If it worked out that we could go to the same school, we would both be really excited I think,” Grace Ruppert ‘17 said.

Likewise, Chris and Allison Hubbard ‘17 are both applying to Western Michigan University. Chris, although not totally set on going to the same school as Allison, thinks it could be helpful.

“I think I would rely on her a little bit. She is very organized,” Chris Hubbard ‘17 said.

However, other twins disagree. Jessica Stuart ‘17 is not applying to the same school as her twin, Nathan, yet she is excited to find her own niche away from him.

“I think it would have its advantages and disadvantages. It would be nice to have him there as someone I can count on, but I think a big part of college is being on your own for the first time, so I’m glad we are going to different schools,” Jessica Stuart said.

Other sets of twins have chosen to separate as well. Ian and Conor Jenkins ‘17 have applied to different schools, preferring to explore their own interests away from each other. Ian Jenkins is applying to schools like Western Michigan University and the University of Pittsburgh, while, his twin, Conor, is applying to Michigan Technological University and Michigan State University.

Dani Mitchell ‘17, additionally, is applying to the University of Michigan and other schools in Chicago, while, Riley, her twin, is applying to Western and Central Michigan University.

“I think it would be better to get out and do different things than Riley,” Dani Mitchell ‘17 said.

Finally, twins such as Jack and Andrew Combs ‘17 or Abby and Anna Denning ‘17 are applying to some of the same schools but would prefer to attend different universities.

Jack and Andrew Combs are applying to the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Indiana University, and Miami of Ohio. However, Jack Combs plans on playing football, which divides their interests.

Abby and Anna Denning are both applying to Michigan State University, but they plan to separate in college as well. Although relying on each other a little for school, this will not affect their success when splitting up in college.

“I think if we went to the same university we would not be together often. I don’t really rely on her that much for school. Sometimes it is helpful if I have questions on homework or miss school, but I think I could rely on friends in the same way,” Abby Denning ‘17 said.

Breaking the seal of a college acceptance letter come winter will hopefully be an exciting time for these families. It will be interesting to see whether these twins decide to remain close or dive into their own adventures apart.

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