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Girls Basketball Attendance

Niki Ezeh, Staff Writer

Every friday night, the excitement and adrenaline of a home basketball game runs through the bodies of all 11 players on the Girls Varsity team. Impatiently waiting for the remaining seconds of the fourth quarter of the boys game to pass by, hearing the cheers from the big East crowd brings chills down our spines. However, those chills slowly disintegrate as the buzzer ends, signaling the end of the boys game.

The boys teams shake hands and exit the court, and it’s the girls time to shine under the bright lights. As the pregame music turns on and the warm up begins, minute by minute, we watch the student section we were so thrilled to see exit through the four doors around the gym. The packed, loud crowd transforms into a small section of parents, and the feeling of having such a great crowd for the game drifts away from our hearts.

We’re used to it. Game after game, we watch the boys team feel the love of the student body at their games: from the themes, to the screams. And every game, we get none. Nevertheless, the girls team continues to shake it off, and have pulled off some great wins in our home gym.

Why? Why does the girls team gets no fans at their games? There have been many excuses for this, ranging from “hockey”, to “other plans”, and my favorite, ”boys basketball is more fun to watch”.

The girls team has went from 1-20, to 9-11, to 16-6 last year. We’ve grown so much in a surplus amount of areas, but the small student section stayed the same.

The regular season is almost halfway done, and this year the team has started off great. We’ve won eight of our nine games, losing only once in a heartbreaking battle against Catholic Central. Currently standing in first in the OK Gold Conference, and ranked 12th in the state for Class A teams, our team has a really good chance of going far in playoffs.

A great student section would be a nice addition to top off a hard fought win on friday night. Girls basketball can be just as good as boys basketball, especially with the talent that this year’s Varsity team has. There’s no better feeling than hearing the uproar of the crowd after a getting a defensive block or an and-one layup on a fast break.

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