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TEDx at East

Hallie Butterer, Staff Writer

Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The innovative combination of these concepts is what TED and TEDx is all about. TEDx gets local, as it comes to spread ideas right here at the high school.

Students can explore uncharted territories together by listening and participating in the discussion of TEDx’s theme, “The Final Frontier.” Student coordinator, Auden Barger-Elliot ‘17 explains what The Final Frontier means.

“The theme is meant to be a looser thing that people can bring their own experiences to and talk about the unobserved in society,” said Barger-Elliot.

Barger-Elliot says topics discussed can include virtually anything you want to speak on, including gender, race, inequality, or science, among many others.

Another student coordinator, Hanna Sanford ‘17 expands upon what the theme entails.

“The themes are supposed to be broad to interpret a lot of ideas and topics. People can talk about going where no man has gone before, blazing a trail, and how they push their comfort zone,” said Sanford.

Barger-Elliot hopes that TEDx will inspire students who attend.

“It will bring different ideas into the conversation, and inspire people, and move society forward,” she said.

A lot of excruciating work has been put into organizing this event by the students and teachers.

“We have to put a lot of time into planning it and getting the venue and decorations. There’s a lot of guidelines to get licensed; you have to apply for it and raise runds. We’ve been working on it since last summer,” explained Sanford.

Teacher Bill Strickland has also been supervising and helping the students out with planning and organizing. The organizers expect to fill up 250 seats in the PAC.

The audience has a lot to look forward to for this event.

“You can look forward to hearing a lot of innovative ideas from the Grand Rapids area and having a really eye-opening experience,” said Barger-Elliot.

Guest speakers at the event include East alum Julie Kniff, Izzy Osborne ‘19, Olivia Masek ‘18, Forest Hills Central student Daniel Slaw, Keaton Smith ‘17, even some slam poets, and many others.

Keaton Smith speaks on her upcoming appearance at TEDx.

“I was really inspired last year and the year before by the speakers, and I had some ideas that I wanted to share,” said Smith.

“I am speaking about the importance of kindness and how kindness and being nice can help shape you as an individual and your community.”

Last year the event was held in the Little Auditorium, but it was moved into the main auditorium this year to accommodate a bigger turn out. This event you don’t want to miss is taking place Mar. 11 at 7:30 in the PAC.

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