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An inside look at the upcoming musical

East's production of "Grease" features newcomers to theatre

Maura Burns, Staff Writer

When Sophie Hojnacki ‘19 puts on her Rizzo heels, with the bouffant hair, and the bright pink shirt, she gets to leap back into the fifties — and it has been “a blast.”

This year’s spring musical will be Grease, giving the cast an opportunity to play some unique roles. Hojnacki plays the memorable role of Rizzo.

“Rizzo is a very tough, sarcastic, and aggressive character to play,” Hojnacki said. “She becomes more vulnerable at the end with a pregnancy scare. It’s really fun to play such a different role like Rizzo, because even though I’m normally pretty sarcastic, I’m not tough or outspoken, so it’s fun to play someone who has a personality so different from me.”

With tight jeans, pompadours, and hand jive choreography,  the cast will get to jump into even more fun fifties roles. It’s a fifties classic which allows the cast to experience being a teenager in a different time period.

Each year, director Pam Steers tries to give the cast and crew a new type of musical to work on. Last year the musical was A Chorus Line, a more contemporary style.

This year, Grease is more of a fun, comical musical.

“Both musicals are about very different time periods,” she said. “Grease focuses on high school teens in the 50’s, and Chorus Line focuses on young adults trying to make it in show business. Both are very successful musicals, but I think more people will be familiar with the music and storyline of Grease.”

Although many people are familiar with Grease, this version will be based off the original play, so the audience should expect to see things they aren’t used to, “we are doing the original 1972 musical, not the movie,” Steers said. “So, it will be a little different from what people are used to.”

Olivia Byam ‘18 will be participating in her first school musical this year, “I thought of doing the musical last year and once I heard it was Grease I knew I had to try out for it.” Grease definitely has a strong pull with people because it is so popular, “I did the musical last year, and really enjoyed it,” said Hojnacki. “Also, Grease is one of my favorite musicals, between the music and the show, it is so fun.”

Although this is a really fun experience for the cast, it takes a lot of hard work to pull off such a large production. Will Marsh ‘19 will also be participating in his first high school play, “our practices run on a pretty tight schedule,” Marsh said. “We are constantly learning new blocking and dances that can be pretty tough.” Make sure to go see Grease April 27, 28, and 29!

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