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Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns

Katherine Lykins, Staff Writer

I remember the good old days, back during holiday break when I had a simple pattern: eat, sleep, repeat… And not much else. Now i’m swung back into the chaos of being a standard high school student, trying to squeeze homework in at the last possible minute, seeking something to eat in the fleeting moments, and falling asleep way too late for my own health.

School breaks bring many moments of happiness, free from stress, in particularly the two week holiday break wedged between December and January. In the two weeks, I get exceedingly used to the schedule of doing what I like, including the bedtime of my choice, but once school starts back up again, so do the endless problems, most notably my inevitable tiredness all the time. Currently, I go to bed from anywhere between ten o’clock in the evening to, on rare occasions, two o’clock in the morning. These inconsistent patterns are undoubtedly unhealthy and are easily distinguishable while i’m in school, as my performance is directly  correlated with the hours of sleep I got the night before. The time we all go to bed is critical to our overall look on life. We all need to try to develop some sort of constant pattern to follow, whether it be during the school year, or in the middle of summer for our own personal health. Although those breaks from school are nice for recharging and getting caught up, consistent sleeping patterns are vital to a healthy lifestyle.

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Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns