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How to get the most out of grad party season

Class of 2016 lined up in rows as they listen to speeches

Class of 2016 lined up in rows as they listen to speeches

Keaton Smith

Keaton Smith

Class of 2016 lined up in rows as they listen to speeches

Hanna Sanford, News Editor

It happens every year. As soon as May rolls around, Facebook events pop up all over the place and the amount of mail going through the US postal system skyrockets. It’s grad party season.  Grad party season means days full of awkward small talk with parents you don’t recognize but obviously should, side hugs with the lucky graduate, but most importantly, days full of free food. Play it right and you have weeks of relaxing days with your friends and really good food, but it is surprisingly easy to squander. To help guide you to maximum enjoyment of grad party season, here is your beginner’s guide to taking full advantage of grad party season.

1. Friend all of the seniors on Facebook

Don’t thank the graduating class, thank Mark Zuckerberg for hooking you up with a month of free food. Thanks to the internet, it is now more efficient than ever to send out mass invites via social media. That’s why the first and most important step to taking full advantage of graduation party season is making sure you’re friends with every single senior on Facebook. The seniors are trying to maximize their gift yield, so it doesn’t matter if a friend of a friend of yours was lab partners with them for 2 weeks in physics freshman year; they will probably invite you if you’re on their Facebook friends list.

2. Travel in (diversified) packs

Even if you are the lucky recipient of a Facebook Official™ invitation, it might be a little weird to stroll into the graduation party of someone you genuinely have never said a single word to. As long as one person in your entourage decently knows someone hosting the party, you’re good. That being said, you want your party-hopping group to be like your stock portfolio: diversified.

3. It’s a marathon – not a sprint

Plan ahead. Scope out the party beforehand via Facebook and plan accordingly. Once you arrive, don’t load up at the first grad party you go to. You have a long day ahead of you so make sure you keep yourself in check, because no one wants to tap out one hour into a 12 hour day. 

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