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The Life of a KCTC Student

Katherine Lykins, Staff Writer

Sam Stanage ‘18 had the opportunity to do a building search for suspects and, although just a practice, was surprised by the extreme physicality and intensity. After repeating this practice a couple of times, Stanage, along with other classmates, remained doing the same thing, but this time in complete darkness with just the use of a flashlight. This occurrence is just one thing Stanage experiences while enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Kent Intermediate Tech. Center, and although difficult, Stanage has no regrets.

Sam always had a deep interest in criminal justice and learned quickly that was what he wanted to go into, and KCTC was the ticket in. “When I was first shown the criminal justice program, I knew I had to get in, so that’s exactly what I did,” Stanage said.

About 35 students here at East Grand Rapids high school have similar experiences, whether it be in a criminal justice class or culinary cooking. When those students walk off the bus to KCTC, they have a world of endless opportunity ahead of them. There are approximately 21 programs offered at KCTC along with the ones previously mentioned. All these programs are filled with high energy, dynamic experiences that are completely hands-on. KCTC is, by definition, an alternative credit program for students who are particularly interested in earning a certificate or sometimes a degree at the end of their high school career.

There are three sessions. The first session lasts from 6:55 to 9:10, the second 9:15 to 11:30, and the third session starts at 12:00 and ends at 2:15. Each student heads to their area where they mostly only work with kids involved in the same program (i.e. the IT kids work and learn together separate from the criminal justice students) for their session.

Mrs. Boeve, the high school’s primary support system and connection to the KCTC program, gave valuable information about this opportunity.

“The programs are typically one to two years, with a majority of juniors and seniors filling those slots,” she said. “Although KCTC is not for everyone, it’s great if a student knows what they want to do, and the programs offered are a just an excellent way to get an early start and experience, the whole thing is very exploratory.”

Mrs. Boeve also mentions some other upsides to KCTC. “If college isn’t for you, in some cases, it really gives you the ability to go right into a profession after high school

Nina Kallil ‘19 is a student currently attending East High School full-time, but has hopes to go to KCTC next year, aspiring to do something in the business field.

“I’ve been really thinking about a career in business, and I think the marketing and entrepreneurship program would be perfect!” She said with excitement. “I believe it would really help me get through high school in a different way with different credits, helping me to get a start on some of my college credits.”

Whether you be a student ready to jump into the labor force right after high school, or someone wanting to get a head start, KCTC has a little bit of everything, and the experiences done at such a young age will do nothing less than prepare for a world of reality.


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