Girls’ Golf

Luke Diehm, Reporter

The Girls’ Golf Team has drove themselves to a great season this year. They came in third in their Conference finals, and Abby Bell and Clare MacDonald both received honorable mentions for their performances. Lilly Dobre ’18 was declared all-conference and all-state as an individual for her recent performance at States, which were from October 20-21 at Bedford Valley.
“I worked really hard all season, so it was nice to get some recognition when it was all over.” Dobre said. “I’m upset that I won’t be coming back next year, but I am happy it ended on a good note.”
Others are feeling optimistic about next year’s season due to quality upcoming golfers. Sloane Teske ’19 is one of these athletes who are excited for what is to come.
“I’m kind of glad golf is over because it was time consuming and exhausting, but I’m still really excited to come back next year,” She said. “I think I performed well this season and I’m going to practice this upcoming summer so I can hopefully do even better next year.”
Other graduating golfers are more upset with the end of their beloved sport. I caught up with Claire Montague in order to learn how she was feeling now that the golf season is over.
“I am kind of bummed I won’t be golfing with the team anymore.” Montague said. “We didn’t perform as well as we have in past seasons, but I still loved getting to know everyone on the team and from different schools. I know I won’t be golfing in college or after college, but I still had a lot of fun being on the team and I glad I got some good experience with this hard sport.”
While many are upset it may be the last time they competitively hit a golf ball, the underclassmen and juniors are still excited for next year’s season.