Healthy High needs to return

Luke Diehm, Staff Writer

Healthy High is an extracurricular day-long activity with the purpose of educating students on teen drug use; however is its message really effective?

I have participated in Healthy High during my freshman and sophomore years, and I enjoyed it a lot both times. They briefly educate you about the importance of a drug-free, healthy lifestyle, and then you spend the day doing fun activities both in and out of school. After whatever event in which you participated, you come back to the school and have pizza, play games with other students in attendance, and participate in a raffle. My freshman year I went to Sky Zone, and my sophomore year I went tubing at Cannonsburg. Both events were a lot of fun, and afterwards at the school I got to hang out with a lot of kids I probably wouldn’t have hung out with at another time. That was fun too.

However, Healthy High will not be returning this year. Healthy High should return, because it has always been my favorite activity. It is not very effective at keeping students off of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, however it is effective at bringing students together in a fun way. Sra. Ibara has assisted in the running of Healthy High in the past and agrees with me.

“I do not think that Healthy High has a direct affect on drug use,” Ibara said. “But the idea is more of a celebration of healthy lifestyles and healthy things to do. I think it is a good program to support healthy choices and provide students with an outlet to get together with students that they would not normally be with.”

It is definitely not coming back this year, however the school should certainly make an effort to recreate it next year. Healthy High pushes students out of their comfort zone with fun activities and gives them an environment to make new friends. Also, because it is during the winter, it urges students to leave the warmth of their houses and get active. Getting active in the winter is far too uncommon, and Healthy High is very effective at doing this.

The lack of other extracurricular activities, especially that are during the winter time, and how well it brings students together are main proponents of why Healthy High needs to return.