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Annual TedX event showcases 5 talented speakers

Last Saturday, TedX was hosted in the Little Auditorium on March 24. It’s an event where students volunteer to give a 15-18 minute speech on a topic they’re interested in. It’s an opportunity to share ideas and passions with a crowd. This year’s theme was “Pioneering” and asked speakers to speak about a topic or area in their lives where they were a pioneer. A couple of the speakers were Bridget Hollen ’19, who spoke about pioneering work in a restaurant setting, and Grace Lee ’19, who spoke about pioneering global volunteer work.

AJ Barbari ‘18 gave a speech about poetry during the event. “My speech was about poetry, and how through truly expressing oneself through it allows a person to make sense of things that troubles them,” said Barbari.  “What inspired me was simply my own experience with writing poetry. I felt that I had something to say and that maybe people could relate to me. I felt that even though my message was simple, perhaps people could learn from my talk.”

“The best part of TedX for me had to be simply when we gave all of our talks. It was memorable for me personally while in the midst of high nerves, we all kinda conquered it and just went out there and did it. I’d do it again without a doubt, but I’d definitely be more prepared next time.”

All of the speeches were great, but Barbari said that one stood out to him. “I enjoyed all of them, but Chris’s talk on burnout was quite eye opening for me because I never actually took the time to realize how burnt out I have been while in high school.”

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Annual TedX event showcases 5 talented speakers