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The trending movie of the year, ¨Black Panther¨

Ella Gourley, Entertainment Editor

Action, humor, and an abundance of plot twists are all a part of the new movie Black Panther that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. One of the most popular movies of the year is this newest Marvel movie. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the movie depicts the hidden world of Wakanda and its conflicts with the outside world. From the start of the film the audience becomes fascinated with the character of the Black Panther. This superhero leader of the hidden nation has great powers, wit, and knowledge.

There was never a dull moment throughout the movie. It was the perfect combination of action scenes and comedic relief. The relationship between the characters were authentic and each role was well played. Chadwick Boseman, who played the leading role, did a superb job depicting the Black Panther. The movie combined the past with the present by mixing traditional African traditions with modern aspects including technology and music. Taking place in both the present United States and a fictional country, the movie has something for all types of audiences. Black Panther has been very successful with over $1 billion in box office sales. The amount of tickets sold has made it the second-biggest superhero movie of all time. This highly acclaimed film has proved to be a must see movie of 2018.

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The trending movie of the year, ¨Black Panther¨