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Library should be open and used

Sophie Sears, Business Editor

“When I have a really big test to study for or a homework assignment I want to finish but I can’t because the library is closed for teachers who rent it out for their classes. It’s frustrating because I then have to find a place in the cafeteria to try to study but it’s more distracting because it’s so noisy” said Lauren Vandenbosch. Lauren isn’t alone in her frustration. I too have planned my day with the intent of getting some last minute studying time in during my lunch hour, only to be locked out of the library at the expense of teachers who are using it for their class periods. What frustrates me is that these teachers have their own mandated classrooms to use every day. Students during their lunch hour who are unable to go home to study rely on the school to provide an environment for them to work in. When that sole quiet workplace is taken up by a teacher who could be using their classroom, students are left to scavenge for a place to focus and they often cannot be as productive as they had intended. Many will try to work in the cafeteria, but a cafeteria is a place to socialize and eat your lunch, not try to get legitimate study time in. The purpose of having a library, besides to find books, is to have a quiet workspace for kids to study in. I understand when the library is being used for things such as IB testing or if a teacher occasionally wants to give their class a change of scenery, but it’s unfair to the rest of the students during that lunch period not in a class who need a place to work. The library should not be completely closed down and kids should still be allowed to quietly study.

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Library should be open and used