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Students enjoy Prom 2018

Sophie Sears, Staff Writer

Mr. Gatsby would be proud.

With the golden pillars, a grand staircase, and an elaborate chandelier, this year’s prom truly mirrored one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties.

“The super luxe venue really set a Gatsby feel and the two ominous green lights solidified that mystery that the novel carries,” Ellie Roubal ‘19 said.

With the dance floor set up and the green light shining, students danced the night away and belted out the lyrics to classic school-dance songs.

“My favorite part about the dance was having fun with my friends dancing in the Imperial Ballroom,” Paige Lang ‘18 said.  “It’s so elegant and beautiful and it made the night really special.”

However, having prom at this perfect setting wasn’t always the plan.

After receiving a call just three days before prom that the original venue had fallen through and was no longer an event location, the junior class student council board scrambled to find a new location to host the Gatsby-themed event. After many phone calls, emails and a bit of luck, they booked The Amway Grand Plaza Imperial Ballroom.

“We owe this all to Mr. George Aquino,” Vice President Chris Bruinsma ‘19 said. “He went out of his way to help us book the Amway and without him prom very well may not have turned out half as grand as it did. We are so grateful for his guidance and can’t wait to tell him how much kids loved it.”

Despite the complications, this year’s prom turned out even better than what was intended.  Much like Gatsby’s ostentatious parties, prom was loud and fun and students partied like it was the 1920s.

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Students enjoy Prom 2018