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Senior Assassination

Kate Olsson, Entertainment Editor

The annual competition for seniors that involves nerf guns and getting your kill. Every year it is passed down by two students, usually male, to two students of their choice in the grade below. Last year, it was passed down by Jack Gabridge and Johnny Southwell to Peter Kratt and Mike Malewitz. This means that Kratt and Malewitz had the responsibility of collecting $10 from all of the participants, giving each person a target, and keeping track of the kills. Senior assassination is a exciting tradition at East Grand Rapids that most if the grade is expected to participate in, however, when that time of year rolled around, I can honestly say I wasn’t pumped. I came to the conclusion that the only reason that I would play in the game would be because I felt like I had to, and for me, that just wasn’t worth it. I know myself and I know if I would’ve played I would’ve been constantly paranoid and eventually scared from being killed. Don’t get me wrong, my friends had a blast and I even had fun watching them hide in trash cans and get in cat fights. But that was perfect for me. I didn’t have to stress, and I got to enjoy some of the fun. Don’t do something you know you won’t enjoy, just because you feel like everybody else is doing it. Switch it up and do it the way that you want to.

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Senior Assassination