Drama Club gears up for a new season

Lily Hojnacki, Staff Writer

Looking for some spooky thrills? Well look no farther because this year’s Drama Department has a lineup of knock-your-socks-off musicals and plays that are sure to excite, and bring out the masses.

This year’s Drama Club President, Drew Johnston ‘19, sheds some light on the upcoming season,

“This drama season is looking to be an absolute, spooky blast! We’re trying something new this year, and we have a bit of a theme: the macabre. Our fall play is Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, our student play (which I’m directing) is a comedy about Jack the Ripper, and our musical is ‘The Addams Family’,” Johnston said.

Johnston, along with other drama students, have been involved with many East plays and musicals in the past including “Guys and Dolls”, “Grease”, “and A Chorus Line”. The entire cast and crew work incredibly hard to pull them all off. Make sure you get out and support the productions being put on this year by the drama department. You can purchase your tickets online, or at the door.

“We’re always looking for new people, and you’re never too late to start acting! If acting isn’t your thing, we always need talented crew members. Come out and see the shows!” Johnston said.

Auditions for the production of “Macbeth” have already taken place, but if you’re looking for a way to join the Drama department, 24 hour theater takes place on Sept. 29. During 24 hour theater, playwrights stay up all night creating their own original shows, and the following morning actors come in to learn, and rehearse these shows to put on the same night.

“I think it’s great how anyone can get involved with drama. It’s different from sports because you don’t need to be good at only one specific thing. There’s pretty much something for everyone whether it be crew, or any of the varying roles in the cast. Anyone thinking of joining should definitely go for it, because it gives you so many great opportunities,” Drama Club Vice President Sophie Hojnacki ‘19 said.

Also look out for audition dates of “Jack the Ripper: Monsters of Whitechapel”, “Almost, Maine”, and “The Addams Family”, taking place during the winter, and spring.


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