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Current political climate impacts young voters

Maura Burns, News Editor

Voting is more important than ever today. With the United States being in one of the most decisive times in recent history, each vote matters. Because of this, High school students are becoming more and more informed on the state of politics in America.

The process of registering to vote is extremely simple. Applicants simply need to fill out the required form and submit it to the city office. For new voters in Michigan, this process must be completed 30 days prior to the election.

The influence of young voters cannot be underestimated. Many seniors have the opportunity to vote in  this important election year.

“I believe voting is important because it’s your voice in America” Miriam Ronda ‘19 said.

2018 is the first midterm election with Donald Trump as president and many Americans are looking forward to voicing their opinion either in support or disapproval of his presidency.

“It’s important to vote because it is our democratic right and we need to be involved in our democratic process” Sloane Teske ‘19 said.

In the 2016 election, 58% of eligible voters participated in the election, and 46.1% of eligible 18-29 year olds voted.

“It’s really important for people to register nowadays in the United States because a lot of people don’t use their Constitutional right to vote that can change the community,” Ben Biermacher ‘19 said. “They just complain on social media without actually taking action”

Influential celebrities in pop culture recognize the importance of young voter turnout. Taylor Swift and John Legend reached out to their fans via their Instagram pages to encourage people to register to vote and show up on election day to support candidates they are in favor of.

“You can protest and talk about topics you feel strongly about, but voting is your most direct involvement in government. Voting affects every aspect of your life even if you don’t realize it” Ronda ‘19 said. “…once you are of age, it is essential that you vote in order to ensure you are a functioning member of society.”

Currently, the political climate is especially divisive, so many high schoolers are looking to participate in the democratic process of voting

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Current political climate impacts young voters