AP testing preparation


The HoofBeat

AP exams are rapidly approaching.

Bailey Vydareny, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, so do the dreaded AP tests. This year, testing will take place May 6-10 and 13-17.

To feel confident going into testing, it is important that students do their best to review all the information they have learned from the past 7 and a half months.

“Preparing more over the course of the year versus trying to cram is always good advice. Don’t think that you can sit down the night before the test and review all the material that you’ve learned for a full year,” Guidance counselor Mrs. Harper said on how students should prepare for testing.

“I’m preparing by listening to all the tips my teachers have given us and doing practice tests,” first time tester Ella Goulet 20’ said.

Those who have taken an AP test in the past know the impact that this years week of snow days has had on the curriculum.

“We didn’t learn [the content] quite as well, but the teachers are helping us along the way to make up for the lost days,” Ellery Spagnuolo ‘21 said on the impact of snow days on preparing for testing.

This will be Spagnuolo’s second year testing, and she is using her past experience to prepare for this year.

“Last year I was a little underprepared, I worked through the study guide, made a formula sheet, and programmed my calculator,” Spagnuolo said.

“I feel more prepared going through the testing for the second time around as I know what kind of wording they will use. I did feel pretty confident last year also as Mr. Farmer prepared us really well,” Spagnuolo said.

Though teachers do their best to help prepare students in class, they expect students to work outside of class too.

“Teachers are pretty good about guiding the students through the whole process of studying on their own, but they do expect students to put in the effort and really learn the information,” Spagnuolo said.

AP tests can be extremely stressful for students, but to do best it is important to relax.

“The things we recommend for all high stakes testing: a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, being patient, take a deep breath, try not to get yourself too worked up about the test, just go in there and do your best,” Mrs. Harper said.

Testing is an opportunity for students to show the skills they have gained over the year. It is important to take time to prepare so that students’ best work can be seen.