Girls Cross Country continues an undefeated season in pursuit of States


Maria Walters, Staff Writer

The Girls Cross Country team is in the process of another undefeated season. The girls JV and Varsity took first at the Cedar Springs Mini Invitational, and Varsity took first at the OK White Jamboree Race, on Wednesday Sept. 23. “We have worked really hard this year and hopefully it will pay off enough so we can win at states again,” Ainsley Workman ‘22 said. 

“The season so far has been great. We haven’t been able to have many races with both JV and Varsity, together, because of the restrictions but we are making it work and everyone has been having an amazing season,” Lucy Byam ‘21 said. Byam took fourth at the Cedar Springs Invitational JV race, as a leading captain and contributed to the exciting win. 

Workman seemed to be a little nervous for States coming up but still continued to have full confidence in her teammates. “The past two years we’ve won the state meet by a lot, but we’ve lost a lot of our top-scoring girls, so this year will be a lot more difficult. However we do have freshmen this year that have shown a lot of promise and have helped to make up for our lost Seniors,” Workman said.

“We have an invitational at Otsego on Saturday, Oct. 3 which should be exciting, as that course is known to be fast, and hopefully we can all PR,” Workman said. Workman has stepped up and put in extra work preparing for this season in the summer, and has remained to push herself for the better of the team this fall.

Although JV runners, like Byam, only have two more meets for the season Byam thinks that “our entire team has stepped up and ran some amazing times, so i’m excited to see how everyone can wrap up the season,” she said. The JV team has “shown immense promise and have had to run in rough conditions this year compared to the Varsity team,” Workman also said, and continues to praise JV for their hard effort this season.

Runners on Varsity, like Workman, still have six meets left to grow and become faster as a team for States. “We still have 5 weeks until State, but we have been working really hard at practice, so I don’t know if everyone is ready right now, but once we taper our mileage I’m sure we’ll all be prepared,” Workman said. 

There is an immense amount of support by the JV team for the Variety runners in their amazing performances at meets. “The varsity team has really pulled through this year and have shown dedication, so I am not nervous for states and I’m sure they will do amazing,” Byam said in response to how she thinks Varsity will perform.

“Even if I don’t PR I’m looking forward to cutting down my time and seeing my fellow teammates do the same,” Francie Hoffman ‘22 said. The upcoming state meet is looking good for the Varsity team, and for the JV runners on their last two meets of the season. So, although this fall school year has been tough for the team, the girls will continue to strive for new PR’s and a undefeated season, and remain excited for their future competition at States.