Macy Brown pursuing a bright basketball future


Photo courtesy of Macy Brown

Presleigh Buck, Staff Writer

Sophomore Macy Brown’s basketball career is just getting started. With multiple college offers and ranking in the top 10 female basketball players in Michigan, she is looking at a very bright future. Brown has spent most of her life dedicated to basketball. “I have been playing basketball since about kindergarten. I played in the East Hills league,” Brown said. “I kind of just got put in it at a young age because both of my sisters played and my mom was the coach.”

Brown and her family are very involved with basketball. Both of her sisters are going to Division 1 colleges for basketball, and Brown is very motivated and wants to live up to her potential. She’s already on her way. “I got my first offer towards the end of 8th grade,” Brown said. “It was so crazy and I wasn’t expecting it at all.” 

This summer was unquestionably successful for Brown. “Training this summer was very productive. Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, my team and I only got to go to a few tournaments, but when we got the opportunity to play, we took advantage and did our best.” Brown said. This past summer presented many different opportunities for Brown. She got numerous offers and is now known by many coaches and colleges. 

Some of the college offers Macy has received so far are from Loyola of Chicago, Central Michigan, the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Northwestern.  “All of my offers are amazing and they all offer great opportunities, but I would say my biggest offers are the BIG 10 ones because that is one of the highest levels of basketball,” Brown explained. 

Even with all of her offers, “I do not have a dream school at the moment but I am looking forward to seeing all of the colleges and figuring out what I am looking for and finding my dream school.” Brown said.

The recruitment process has been very enjoyable and fulfilling for brown. Although there is so much that goes into the process, “My favorite part about the recruitment process is meeting the coaching staff and getting to know them, getting to see what the college is really like on another level, and meeting new people, in general, has been amazing.” Brown said.This upcoming season will be very beneficial for her and will open up the doors for even more college offers. It’s only up from here for Macy Brown.