Jillian Brown committed to continue her basketball career at Northwestern


Photo courtesy of Jillian Brown

Maria Walters, Staff Writer

Jillian Brown ‘21, basketball extraordinaire, has committed to Northwestern University to continue her brilliant basketball career that lies ahead. Brown announced her commitment back on Mar. 17, on Instagram to show her excitement for her future college experience. 

“I’m really looking forward to a new environment and playing with the team,” Brown said when asked what her feelings are about going to college. “I have become close with other commits in my class, so I’m excited to continue those friendships at college.”

Brown’s two sisters play basketball along with her mom coaching her own basketball team. “Being in a basketball family is great because it’s something that we all love and can relate to,” Brown said. “The bond between my sisters and I have always been close because of the training we do together for basketball.” 

Brown’s parents have also contributed immense hours and hard work towards helping Brown in her basketball journey. “My family has really helped me with my commitment decision by being there to talk it through with me and go on visits with me to schools that I was interested in,” Brown said. “Having my sister go through the commitment process last year also helped me with my process because I got to see how it worked and how to communicate the best with colleges that I was interested in.” 

The training process for Brown required a lot of after school practices and weekend tournaments, to get noticed by such a prestigious school like Northwestern. “It took a lot of sacrifices within my life and difficult training sessions to progress my skills to what they are today,” Brown said. Her work has reflected immensely on the courts where in her junior year, Brown had scored her 1000th shot for the high school team. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Brown started her recruiting process at an early grade level. “My recruiting process lasted from the end of eighth grade until junior year, when I narrowed my list down to about eight schools that I was seriously considering,” Brown said.

In respect to her goals, Brown had aspirations for college at a young age. “I always dreamed of playing basketball in college, but I never knew I wanted to go to Northwestern until they started recruiting me,” Brown said. “I decided on Northwestern because I realized that it checked all the boxes for what I wanted from a basketball perspective; also the school, campus, and location are a perfect fit for me.”  

Brown will continue in her senior year of high school, finishing up her last year of East Grand Rapids basketball, and getting ready for her upcoming four years of college fun, and an exciting basketball experience. 

“I will miss high school, but I am extremely excited to start my new chapter in Chicago and grow as a basketball player and person,” Brown said.