Varsity Field Hockey heads into playoffs undefeated


Photo by Naya Gasper ’21

Clare Backus, Staff Writer

It is clear to students that COVID-19 has affected all sports in different ways, and the girls Varsity Field Hockey team isn’t an exception. 

Just like many other sports, hockey players must wear masks throughout games, scrimmages, and practices. They are now allowed to remove their masks during conditioning and running, however.

With that, standing constantly wearing a mask can make things more difficult when playing.

“With COVID-19 it had affected the speed of the game a generous amount, when there is a foul on the other team we can no longer pick up the ball to place it where the foul occurred but now we have to hit or kick the ball, slowing the game down a significant amount,” Betsy Beusse ‘22 said.

However, if you were to see this team’s stats you would think that they have nothing holding them back. 

“This season has been great, we are undefeated. We’ve played nine games so far and won them all,” Brecken Winkel ‘23 said. 

The varsity team has three more games standing between them and the playoffs where they will fight to become Division Two State Champions. 

 “I think that our team has a very high potential to make it to states. We are at the top of our division and we have a very strong team that could definitely win, ”Winkel said. “We have worked very hard this season and we have every possibility to win states.” 

“We have to be a lot more conditioned this year and everyone is always running in practice, there is never a break, making us the strong team we are today,” Beusse said.

Due to all COVID-19 restrictions, the team is missing out on some of their favorite team bonding events. Those include riding buses to away games, and team events, such as dinners. Even with the hardships of COVID-19, as they approach the playoffs, the team is confident in their ability to win. 

“We really have bonded as a team and we are one of the best field hockey teams East has ever had,” Beusse said.