“Enola Holmes” Review

MJ Cormier, Staff Writer

The new Netflix movie, “Enola Holmes,” is set in 1884 in England. The storys picks up with Enola beginning her search for her mother, while escaping her brothers who want her to stay home. Let alone this was a tough journey for Enola, but her age and gender make things much more difficult. Enola’s strong will, and devotion keep her going through this tough journey to find her mother. 

When Enola Holmes woke up on her 16th birthday things were not how they usually were. Her mother seemed to just disappear leaving her in the hands of her brothers. Mycroft, one of Enola’s brothers, wants to send her to finishing school although that is the last thing Enola wants to do. She wants to follow in her mother’s path, by living life independently, just as she was taught. By doing so Enola set off in search of her mother, to bring her home. 

Enola’s mother left clues leading Enola to London. In London Enola meets a young lord who is in a similar situation. The lord was on the run from his uncle, who had tried to kill him. These two create an undeniable bond, and help each other get to their final destinations. 

Throughout Enola’s journey England is on the brink of change. The story revolves around the stakes of democracy and the expansion of voting rights that are being changed in the house of lords in the 1800’s. The film accomplished the incorporation of themes including perseverance and justice. Actress Millie Bobby Brown portrayed these themes, and showed a never seen before, insight to Holmes society. 

Overall the film is about Enola becoming an independent woman, and going on the journey to find her mother. The theme is brought out by the inclusion of the young lord who incorporates the changes of England, which seems to be persistent in staying the same.