Students try to celebrate Halloween with COVID-19 restrictions


Graphic by Victor Schmitt ’21

Presleigh Buck, Staff Writer

“My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up in fun costumes and going to parties with friends,” Lillian Whynott 23’ said. “But this may be greatly affected by COVID-19 due to the regulations of how large groups of people are allowed to be in.”

 Halloween is going to look slightly unusual this year in many ways. Trick-or-treating along with other fall activities will be very limited with the current COVID-19 restrictions.  

As everyone knows, trick-or-treating is a Halloween favorite. It’s a known tradition to either pass out candy, or to go out with your friends and collect it. But this year, things might be looking a little. 

“I think that masks will be required for trick-or-treating while you are at someone’s house but if you’re just outside your own house on Halloween I don’t think you will have to wear a mask,” Maya Reinfinger 24’ said. At this rate, masks will most likely be required for trick-or-treating, but that might not be an issue for some high schoolers since most of them have grown out of that tradition. 

Another fun Halloween activity consists of going to parties. “My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up in fun costumes and going to parties with friends,” Whynott 23’ said. Yet due to COVID-19, annual Halloween parties might not even happen. 

One very popular Halloween excursion is haunted houses. It is a fun activity to get a group of friends to go to The Haunt, which is a very popular location for people to go to in the fall. Due to COVID-19 this will most likely not be available in a big group, but The Haunt will still be available for smaller groups and only 25% maximum capacity. 

 “If haunted houses were to take place this year I would imagine that social distancing rules would be strict, a limited number of people would be able to attend at a time, and masks would be required,” Whynott 23’ said.  Commonly there are very long lines which will be hard to have for haunted houses to continue. This is very disappointing since it is a huge aspect of the halloween fun. 

Despite all these constriction and rules it sounds like most high schoolers are planning on either staying in with their close friends or having a COVID-19 save Halloween party. “If I were not to be able to go trick or treating I would probably just hang low and watch movies and stuff with friends,” Reinfinger said.

After talking to many students it sounds like they are just hoping to make the best with what they have.

“I hope to still be able to celebrate with costumes and friends this year, but might have to look a little different to make sure everyone can stay safe,” Ella Gjorgjievski 22’ said. Everyone is trying to keep a positive attitude as we try to navigate this hard time.