Homecoming football win secures East Grand Rapids a place in Playoffs


Photo by Alyssa Green ’21

Alyssa Green, Staff Writer

Friday, Oct. 23 the Pioneer football team kicked it in gear with a win 12-8 against Byron Center. Winning against the undefeated back to back team was a great finale to East Grand Rapids Homecoming week. As the game was brought to the 4th quarter, the student section was rowdier than ever as they cheered on the team. Many students stated how they felt this game in particular felt more normal amidst the COVID-19 virus. 

“It felt amazing because for the first time in a while it felt somewhat normal. There was a huge turnout and everyone was cheering super loud which was so awesome to see. It was the homecoming game and senior night all in one so I think that brought more hype in the stands than normal I believe it pushed the players more by hearing everyone cheer for them” said Sadie Kampf ‘21

The players are now taking the energy and focus from Oct. 23 game and are now preparing for Playoffs. This is an exciting time for the East Grand Rapids Pioneers as they prepare for the end of the season. Their hard work and dedication to the season is coming to the close and they are excited to show their hard work on the field.

“Keeping the team energy up and playing like it’s just like the other games is important. We have to bring it every play because if we don’t and we lose, our season is over,” said Oatis Ackermann ‘21.

The Pioneer pride continues as our players gear up for Playoffs ready to be supported by their fans.