Boys Varsity Cross Country prepares for states amidst teammate quarantines


Photo courtesy of Karen Dicke

Maria Walters, Staff Writer

Boys Varsity Cross Country prepares for state finals, Friday Nov. 5th, where they will face their hardest competition yet this season. “I’m pretty nervous but also extremely excited for states this Friday,” Alex Thole ‘24 said, “Also I’m very proud to see my team make it as far as we have this season even with all of the challenges we have faced.”

The boys recently placed first at regionals, even though they lost some of their best runners due to COVID-19. “Regionals went great,” Ryan Brinker ‘24 said, “We were able to get the win which was a huge confidence boost for our team I think because we were very nervous going into it without our fastest runner.” Even though COVID-19 has continued to deplete the number of runners on the Cross Country state team, the boys have continued to push themselves throughout this complicated season.

Four out of the 11 runners on the state team have had to quarantine due to exposure, leaving the team with only a few boys to participate in regionals and the state final meet. “This year was my last year to run on the Cross Country team so I am extremely sad that I cannot be there with my team at states, but I have full confidence in my team that they will give their all and palace top five this year,” Enzo Metz ‘21 said.

It’s necessary for the boys to both mentally and physically prepare these next few days for state finals. “We have done easier training this week to be fresh for Friday’s race and have prepared meals with high carbs and protein to make sure we have enough energy for the race,” Thole said. This preparation along with the determination of the team to win states for their upperclassmen who are quarantining, will help to motivate the team to race their hardest.

“The toughest competition will definitely be the reigning champion Fremont, but after that it’s anyone’s race and if the team shows up ready to push themselves anything is possible,” Metz said. Even though Metz isn’t running he believes that, “the race could go in East’s way if they give it their all against the competition.”

Thole also has the same views on the competition this year, “I think we absolutely have the talent to be a top five team in the states. It hurts that we have so many guys out, but we have the depth and talent to still be up there,” he said.

The boys will continue to push their limits on Friday and push aside their nerves to race their best at states. “I’m excited to see all of my hard work pay off and place top five on Friday,” Caspar Dicke ‘22 said. Hard work and their intense training will allow the boys to accomplish new personal records and score points for the team.