What the Biden-Harris win means to me

Patrick Periard, Opinion Editor

For the first time in four years, I finally feel as though I can take a deep breath. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, Jan. 20. On that day, given that everything goes peacefully and smoothly, it means a new era. An era of healing.

There is much to repair. Several issues need to be addressed immediately. Foremost, that of our COVID-19 situation. Our citizens have been repeatedly endangered by the wrongdoings of our current president. His refusal to originally acknowledge it as a threat and disbelief in the experts only amplified the effects of the inevitable tragedy. Instead of taking precedent from other countries that succeeded in dampening the effects of the virus, he chose the economy over human lives. President-elect Biden must immediately re-establish trust in the experts and allow their advice to dictate his policy. This begins with rejoining the World Health Association, or WHO. Global cooperation is essential for the best possible coronavirus response

We are in a critical stage for reducing the inevitable effects of climate change. With the regressive climate policies taken by President Trump by rolling back hundreds of environmental regulations. Furthermore, President-elect Biden must rejoin the Paris Climate Accords. The time for action regarding climate change is now, and President Trump’s disregard for this unavoidable catastrophe will have lasting impacts on generations. If America is truly the ‘world leader’ it claims to be, it must rejoin the accords at the very least. More must be done in order to minimize the effects of climate change, but this is the minimum.

Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords will be a start to repairing vital international relationships, but there will be significantly more work to be done in that area. President Trump’s friendliness with leaders like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un have damaged relationships with our allies worldwide. This includes reassuring other NATO members of the United States’ continued commitment to their alliance. Regarding immigration, it is vital to restore DACA as soon as possible and repeal the ‘Muslim ban’ enacted by President Trump. 

President Trump’s actions restricting bathroom access and therefore invalidating the identity of transgender individuals. President-elect Biden has vowed to restore these essential rights. This will mean reinstituting transgender access to locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports of their gender. 

This is a win for immigrants. This is a win for women. This is a win for members of the LGBTQ+ community. This is a win for the people of the United States. This is a win for America. 

There are many who are unhappy or unsatisfied with Biden’s win. However, despite what the ‘approval ratings’ may say, the president should never be idolized and should be held accountable. There are many on the left who are unenthusiastic about the typicality of Biden’s plans. However, in an era when bringing the country today is more vital than ever, it is critical for the president to have an agenda that is as appealing as possible. He will need the support of the American people to attempt to surpass the insurmountable obstacle that is Mitch McConnell’s Senate. 

Despite this, there are those who believe that he is incapable of being president due to rumored ‘mental limitations’. But, as the debates demonstrated, despite his age and his speech impediment he is more articulate and competent than President Trump.  

On Jan. 20, I will no longer be hesitant to read news regarding our country and government. I do not need to hesitate to wonder which one of my friends is at risk of losing one or more of their rights. For the past four years, it seemed as though each article was a new embarrassment to our country. Eventually, it got so overwhelming that I found it difficult to keep up with current events because it just seemed like a never-ending cycle. But finally, we have taken the correct first step and now it is time to get to work.