Ski team is ready to hit the slopes after a delayed start


Clare Backus, Entertainment Editor

As winter approaches so do the winter sports. One sport that relies heavily on the weather, more specifically snow, is skiing. At last, Michigan has received the snow it needs to open its ski hills and resorts. This, in conjunction with MHSAA guidelines, is finally allowing the ski team to start their official season. 

Due to COVID-19, the ski team had very limited opportunities to lift together. However, this did not stop the skiers to get in the best shape possible. 

“Instead of pre-season lifting a lot of us have been going on long runs, and working out together in small groups.” Jenna Wynsma ‘23 said. 

Another thing the ski team is missing out with this year is its multiple trips up to Nubs Nob. Those Nubs Nobs trips allowed for lots of pre-season practice and team bonding. Team bonding is very important within any sport but especially skiing because you mainly compete individually.  

“Normally we do a girls sleepover at the beginning of the season to get to know everyone but with COVID-19 that wasn’t an option this year,” Ella Towner ‘23 said. 

The ski team is outside which allows for easier access to social distancing. In addition, the team is wearing masks and riding up the lifts with their own teammates to prevent the spread among other schools. They are also staying outside the whole time, which will be very difficult as the weather progressively gets colder. 

Hazel McGovern ‘21 mentioned, “As a team we obviously all wear masks when we are on the lift or in a big group but the beauty of skiing is that it’s naturally socially distant so it’s a pretty safe sport, to begin with. I think we are all trying our best but at the end of the day there’s not much we can do to prevent the inevitable.” 

The races will also be different. East will only be competing against three other teams at the races. 

“This is different from past years because we usually race against  a lot of teams,” Wynsma said. 

This allows for the varsity and junior varsity to be competing together. 

“I think this will be fun because it can be more like one team” Chloe Sholler ‘21 said. 

With hopes that the season is able to continue as planned the team has big goals for the rest of their seasons. 

“The end goal is to win the state championship for the girls,” McGovern said. “We have a lot of potential this year and I really believe that if we all work out hardest, we will be at a really good spot to compete.”