Moving from Zoom to the court, Girls basketball is ready for their season


Presleigh Buck, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: All contact sports start dates were pushed back to Feb. 1 after this article was published.

This season is looking a little different for the girl’s basketball team. Many restrictions are going to be put in place this season, but that won’t stop this team from going for another deep playoff run.

Because of the COVID-19 precautions needed to be taken, time spent with the team has decreased so far this year. “I definitely miss our team bonding activities that we do together, as well as our preseason scrimmages and nonconference games,” Macy Brown ‘23 said. “But most of all I miss being in the gym with my teammates on a regular basis.” 

The team has come up with new ways to connect with one another. “We do team Zoom meetings with our coaches twice a week and we get to learn more about our teammates,” Jasmine Hunicutt ‘23 said. These Zoom meetings really give the team another way to connect with each other and create a better dynamic with each other. 

When playing games this year, there are going to be a few restrictions put in place in order to have a safe environment to play in. “As of right now we are not allowed to have spectators at our games, and we are required to wear masks,” Brown said. Playing with these restrictions could potentially be very challenging, but this team won’t let it stop them. One of the difficult restrictions would be limited spectators. Brown explains how playing without a crowd can create a slightly dull environment to play in, but that won’t stop the team from playing their best. 

This season might end up being a little more tiring than a regular one since “because of how short our season is this year and how much time we lost we will probably have to play more games in a week so our whole team will lose a lot of free time,” Hunicutt said. This could potentially add some stress to the team’s season, but the girls are so ready to get out there with their team and play the sport they love.

The team is more eager than ever to start this season especially after the long wait they’ve endured. Going into this season I am really grateful that we are able to play, also I am also very excited to start this season back up with my teammates and get on the court with them,” Brown said.