Girls successful ski season comes to an end


Presleigh Buck, Staff Writer

The girls ski team had an incredibly successful season, finishing second at the state competition. “When we made States my freshman year our goal was just to have fun at the race and not worry about what place we got. This year we were actually trying to win. It has been crazy seeing how far we have all come,” Natalie Koster 21’ said. 

Since skiing is an outdoor sport, not much had to change for this team as far as restrictions go. Aside from having to wear masks on the chairlifts, there wasn’t much that had to change. “We couldn’t go into the lodges and we only competed with two other teams during our Tuesday races,” Koster said.

This team is very motivated by each other. “Our team atmosphere is always really great and supportive. Most of us are all really close skill wise which creates some healthy competition but it also allows us to do well in races since we’re such a deep team,” Lampen said. This was a huge factor in this team’s success because they motivate each other, yet are still so supportive of each other. 

“I feel like we all were very bonded and went into every race with a winning mentality. We wanted to win the state championship instead of just competing for fun,” Koster explained. This was the motto the team trained with the whole season and it clearly paid off in the end.