As the weather changes, ski team members gear up to hit the slopes

“I think that we have one of the best teams we’ve had in awhile,” Lilly Wert ‘23 said. The ski team is looking to have some momentum down the slopes this season.

The wreath sale is a classic tradition through the holiday season along with it being the main fundraiser for the team.

Since the ski team is a club sport and not directly funded through the school, this fundraiser provides them the funds to allow them to rent out their practice hills, purchase team gear, and pay for many other expenses throughout the season.

“You have to sell at least $1200 worth of wreaths and then you deliver them personally to the people’s houses that you sold to,” Wert explained. “It’s a super effective fundraiser for the team
because we make a lot of profit on each wreath sold.”

Many families throughout EGR look forward to the sale every year, and it always ends up being a hit.

Having cooperative weather is vital for this team. The predictions for this upcoming winter season have a lot of snow on the forecast, which is a huge bonus for the team.

“Considering that it’s already snowing, that is looking hopeful,” Jenna Wynsma ‘23 said. “It is a lot better when there’s a lot of snow because then we can put in gates easier.”

Although, an abundance of snow comes with its challenges.

“When there’s too much snow then we have to slip out of the course a lot especially when we are up north and it’s super hard and hurts my legs but I would rather have too much snow than too little,” Wynsma said.

There are definitely some obstacles that come with an overwhelming amount of snow, but it’s nothing this team can’t handle.

This team is filled with traditions that build their team bonding experience.

“I love the chairlift rides during practices and races. They provide a great opportunity to chat with friends and get to know others,” Wert said, “I also love the tradition of the Nubs Nob mini camp at the beginning of December. It’s great early season training as well as fun team bonding.”

Outside of being in their ski gear, the traditions continue with other bonding activities.

“I’m super excited to help make ski neckies (neck warmers) for everyone this year,” Ella Towner ‘23 said.

This team is looking forward to a very successful season ahead.

“I think that we have one of the best teams we’ve had in awhile,” Wert said, “The teams we compete against still have really solid teams so it’s not going to be easy but I think we’ll be
able to put up a good fight.”

With that being said, there is still work to be done and this team has some motivating confidence approaching the season.

“This year will probably be one of our best years as we only graduated two seniors, who were still really valuable to our varsity but most of our team is returning. Last year we got second at states, so we can aim for that again, if not first,” Wynsma said.