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February 2018 (closed ~ results)

By Luke Diehm, Staff Writer

East Grand Rapids’ off-campus lunch is everyone’s favorite part of the school day. It’s a great break from learning, and it gives students a moment to relax, and more importantly, eat a good lunch so that they’re prepared for the rest of the school day.

Recently, we at the Vision released a survey that questioned kids on their lunch-going habits. Twelve percent of the kids who completed the survey said that they don’t go out to lunch at all, but the vast majority of students who do go to a local restaurant have a wide variety of favorite places to munch.

Nearby restaurants such as the ones in Gaslight Village are the most popular to younger students who can’t drive to restaurants that are further away. The favorite restaurants of Gaslight Village are Rose’s Express, Crazy Charlie’s, and Jose Babushka’s. Students like the food and the lunch-deals that the restaurants offer there to the students of East Grand Rapids High School.

However, because the majority of the school can drive, restaurants that are further away are far more popular. Classic restaurants of Grand Rapids such as Schnitz’ Deli, Wolfgang’s and Yesterdog are favorites of many students, however the restaurants that are farther away are far more popular.

Students enjoy a wide variety of restaurants such as Jimmy John’s, Noodles and Co., and Popeyes, however the most popular by far is Qdoba. Qdoba is a commercial Mexican restaurant that features huge burritos and tacos, and it has become a niche for many of East’s students.


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February 2018 (closed ~ results)