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Hallie Butterer
Hallie is a free-spirited girl who thinks she’s hood but is actually a suburban white girl. She spends her free time at fencing practice and if you want to mess around and get dunked on, she’ll be in the gym. You can hear her bumpin’ Kanye a mile away in her blue Honda CRV mom car. Assume something is wrong if she’s not wearing her Air Force 1s. You can find her wearing her “Feel the Bern” shirt, cussing out local Trump supporters. After a brutal summer working at John Ball Zoo on minimum wage, she realized that face painting isn’t one of her talents, but monkey handling is. She and her BFF Keaton hope to be reincarnated as twin golden retrievers in an upper-class suburban family. She is the W.O.A.T.

Hallie Butterer, Staff Writer

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