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Halsey Smith
Halsey is a child genius (Summer @ Brown Grad) who can be found either making iced coffee, working at her dog-walking business, or taking photos of her own pup that she doesn’t, in fact, walk. She is always up for a ‘Friends’ marathon or a debriefing session about the symbolism in ‘Lost’. Halsey’s middle name is Halsey and she gets annoyed when people call her by her first legal name, Jenna. Halsey and her sister Keaton are either thought to be completely unrelated or they get called identical twins. Her hobbies include subtly roasting others and participating in two competitive sports: Jennis and Volf. Her goal in life is to become the 2nd famous person named Halsey. Thanks to the singer she cannot be the 1st..

Halsey Smith, Staff Writer, Photographer

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