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Liz Schumar
Watch out, Liz Schumar has some big plans for her future. After leaving behind her high school years of late night McDonald’s runs, dance parties in her kitchen, and watching her favorite football teams on TV, she plans make even bigger in college. Her support and spirit will not go unforgotten at the after she raps and break dances her way to becoming the star of the jumbotron. However, leaving this life behind also calls for a relationship change. Sadly, she will have an actual boyfriend and is no longer pursuing her relationship with her dog, Mac. Although she enjoyed her time cuddling and taking selfies with him, those years are over. Instead, she will settle for a private island with her husband, Dylan Larkin, 20 jet-skis, and mansion. Can you call her #blessed?

Liz Schumar, Focus Editor

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