The East Vision

Patrick Periard, Opinion Editor

Patrick Periard is a senior at EGRHS. He swims year-round and you will rarely find him away from the pool. When he is away from the pool and school, he enjoys playing with his dog, Chip, and watching movies. He will watch just about anything as long as it is not Hallmark. He is also actively engaged in both the Student Council and Mathletes. He is passionate about being cognizant of the world around him; therefore, in these times, you will likely see him at a protest or political rally. You will likely never see him without coffee in hand. When asked he will gladly tell you his favorite is an "iced latte with oat milk." His most reliable form of entertainment is rewatching Euphoria for the umpteenth time. If you want to reach Patrick, you can do so at just about any time of the day or night as he does not sleep enough and seldom is away from his phone. If you ever see him at Starbucks, sopping wet after a freezing morning practice, it's best not to disturb him.

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