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If you walk into a crowded room, Avery Green is the first one you will see due to her skyscraper height. Green’s favorite school subject is math class, where she excels in geometry. She enjoys making TikTok with her friends in her free time and hopes to date Lil Huddy in the future. She loves playing volleyball and hopes to go to college for the sport if her social media career doesn't take off first. If she could vote, you would see Green at the polls protesting against Trump this year. On a Friday night, you might see Avery in her bed watching Harry Potter for the 12th time or any other Netflix show, up until 10pm where she will go out for five hours to hang out with friends. Of course, she will change her mind every 2 seconds on which boy, in a different grade, she likes.

Avery Green, Staff Writer

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