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The Island School in One Word

Week Fourteen

June 9, 2018

June 9th

Hi East! This is my last blog post, and I decided to do something a little bit different as opposed to my normal weekly summaries.

I asked all 28 girls of Treehouse to describe The Island School in one word or phrase, and this is what they said:


#1: The most life-changing experience

#2: Indescribable

#3: Hard but incredible

#4: Life-changing

#5: Tough love

#6: Once in a lifetime

#7: Challenging but worth it

#8: Healing

#9: Connective

#10: Worth it but not perfect

#11: Self-altering

#12: Mind-blowing

#13: Freeing

#14: A special place like no other

#15: Magical

#16: The hardest place you will ever love

#17: Unexpected

#18: Worth every blood, sweat, and tear

#19: Worth it

#20: Wild

#21: The loveliest, most difficult place you get to call home

#22: Full of life

#23: An experience to never ever forget

#24: Island time is 10 times faster than normal time

#25: A challenge that pays off

#26: The hardest and best thing I’ve ever done

#27: The best thing of my life

#28: The most amazing, challenging, best 100 days of my life

Each girl at the Island School is assigned a number, so each girl’s comment aligns with their number. Mine is #26 🙂

Thanks for keeping up with my adventures these past 100 days!!

Yours truly,


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One Response to “The Island School in One Word”

  1. Leslie V. Armentrout on June 10th, 2018 1:49 am

    What a creative and wonderful way to capture the essence of the experince through many ideas. If this were an assignment, I
    would give you an A+.


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