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Audrey Pyper on “IB DP Mythbusters”

February 25, 2018

Letter: I reject that, as IB DP coordinator Heather McKinney told the Vision, “The students who chose to pursue the IB Diploma Programme . . . are risk takers who deserve our utmost respect." Although I agree that all of my peers deserve respect, the insinuation that IB students are more deserv...

Mica Walter Rooks on “A guide to ‘spam’ accounts: the Dos and Don’ts”

December 25, 2017

Letter: East Vision Staff, I am writing to address a particular article posted in the latest edition of the paper: “A guide to ‘spam’ accounts: the DOs and DON’Ts.’” I am particularly focusing on the part of the article describing so called “criers,” or those who express themsel...

The cases for and against IB

The cases for and against IB

December 3, 2017

FOR: I can’t speak for anyone else when it comes to their experience in the IB program, but for me, IB has been a perfect fit. It’s encouraged me to not just work harder, but to care about what I study, to do more with my time, and to love what I do. IB, to me, means a passion for understandi...

Chris Bruinsma on “Crimes in EGR: The Bubble Has Been Breached”

October 25, 2017

Letter: Hello East Vision Staff, I would like to question the thought process behind an article that was recently published in our school's paper titled "Crimes in EGR: The Bubble Has Been Breached." I won't reiterate what was said, but what I assume was an article aiming to tell our school ...

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