The East Vision

Why is the cost of tuition increasing, and where is the money going?
Sarah Lincolnhol, Focus Editor • November 21, 2023

In this current day and age, it seems the main reason someone cannot go to their dream college is the cost. Every year, experts say that for any given college, tuition has always increased by some percentage.  While gradual inflation of the dollar...

Michigan public universities make acceptance processes transparent
Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer • November 21, 2023

Many students from East Grand Rapids choose to stay in-state for college. With 53% of the class of 2022 staying in-state,...

The new online PSAT/SAT: what are the benefits and drawbacks?
Linnea Dever, Lead Editor • November 21, 2023

The new online PSAT/SAT is one of the biggest changes of the 2023/2024 school year. Not only has the entire test been moved...

Veteran's Day Assembly
Harry Reed, Sports Editor • November 21, 2023

November 11th, Veterans Day. A day of solemnity and remembrance in East Grand Rapids, yet also a day of celebration and rejoicing....

Bruce is Back!
Ben Ruppert, Editor-In-Chief • October 6, 2023

Bruce. Is. Back.  Bruce Towne has long been one of the most recognizable faces in the East Grand Rapids high school and...

How to fight back against seasonal depression
Chloe Custer and Lila Marguerite November 21, 2023

Do you ever notice the slow decline in your physical appearance building up to winter? Perhaps a decline in your mental health? These effects can be correlated...

Disordered eating isn’t always obvious
Sam Williams, Managing Editor • November 21, 2023

We can blame anything and everything for the reason that humans, especially young girls, feel the pressure of eating or not...

The Overbearing Role of Parents in Youth Sports
VV LaMange, Sports Editor • November 21, 2023

In athletics, where all kids grow up and their dreams take flight, there's a silent but pervasive force that often threatens...

We want the bond passed, but it comes with a cost
Lauren Whynott, Staff Writer • October 6, 2023

The high school needs a revamp. The campus needs updates such as more accessible student parking, non-disgusting bathrooms,...

The end of affirmative action: what this means for the ever evolving process that we call college admissions
Luci Perez-Simons, Lead Editor • October 6, 2023

If you didn’t know, over the summer the Supreme Court restricted the use of affirmative action, a.k.a race-conscious admissions,...

Student-directed play Alice in Wonderland hits the stage
Student-directed play Alice in Wonderland hits the stage
Caitlin Davies, Staff Writer • November 21, 2023

Each year, a handful of East students are selected to direct and perform in a student-directed play. This year Teagan Walsh ‘24 and Maialen...

A new year and a new start for drama
Linnea Dever, Lead Editor • October 6, 2023

The drama department is being taken in new directions under the leadership of Lauren Ufkes, the new artistic director and graduate of EGRHS....

Senior art portfolios surpass expectations
Rory Edleman, Staff Writer • March 29, 2023

As seniors are preparing themselves for college, we have a few of our very own East Grand Rapids Pioneers working on art portfolios. The class...

Grand Rapids Civic Theater thrives on talent
Linnea Dever, Entertainment Editor • March 1, 2023

The Grand Rapids Civic Theater and School of Theatre Arts is known to be one of the largest and best community theaters in the United States....

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Cross-Country races into the final stretch of their season
Cross-Country races into the final stretch of their season
Rory Edleman, Opinion Editor • November 21, 2023

The high school cross country team demonstrated an exceptional performance, securing a commendable rank in their state competition...

Who is going to carry the boats?!? EGR Crew will!
Lauren Whynott and Caitlin Davies November 21, 2023

  Whether it’s night or morning, you'll find the East Grand Rapids Crew team working...

The Closing Chapter: A recap of the triumphs and heartbreaks in the 2023 football season
Sam Williams, Managing Editor • November 21, 2023

The student section has loved supporting the Pioneers this season as the class of 2024 hands...

“Poolside glory”: water polo’s road to success under new coach
Sarah Lincolnhol, Focus Editor • October 6, 2023

Not many people both play their sport and coach it. Abby Schulz ‘24 is this exception as...

The boy's tennis team is 'on fire'
Chloe Custer and VV LaMange September 15, 2023

The EGR boy's tennis team is on fire so far this season. With an unbeaten 7-0 record they're...

Girls Swim and Dive kicks off the season strong
Olivia Shaw and Delaney Myers September 11, 2023

Well known as an athletic powerhouse in the state of Michigan, the girl's swim and dive team...

Students crave the elixir of caffeine from beloved Celsius drink
Delaney Myers, Sports Editor • November 21, 2023

  In recent years, the popularity of sports energy drinks has risen immensely. The appeal of these drinks is the...

A brief history of the student section: “The Chicken Man”
Brogan Bernard, Staff Writer • November 21, 2023

East Grand Rapids High School has thrived off the “Tradition of Excellence” since the district’s...

Fantasy football: is it about winning or not losing?
Brogan Bernard, Staff Writer • October 6, 2023

For some people, there is one type of football superior to them all. It is more than a game,...

People who change lives
Sam Williams, Managing Editor • October 6, 2023

In August of 2023, just three days prior to the beginning of the girl's season, East Grand...