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Investigating the AI controversy at the high school
Chloe Custer, Staff Writer • April 7, 2024

AI is taking this generation by storm. Rather it is a resource or a setback that is up for each user to decide.  AI was created in 1956 and has slowly developed into the technology that society now knows. This generation knows AI as Amazon Echo, Chat...

Standardized testing in college admissions
Luci Perez-Simons, Lead Editor • April 7, 2024

Georgetown,  MIT, and Dartmouth are some of the biggest college names to throw around, but they are also among a few of...

IB Diploma Programme: is it for you?
Linnea Dever, Lead Editor • April 7, 2024

When it comes to the classes available at EGRHS, figuring out what path works for students can often be a stressful and overwhelming...

Charlie Seufert wins MHSAA Scholar Athlete
Ben Ruppert, Editor-In-Chief • April 7, 2024

It is East Vision policy to avoid having staff members included in our paper. We rarely quote members, let alone write articles...

Blood drive rundown
Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer • April 7, 2024

The annual East Grand Rapids High School Blood Drive took place on Feb. 28. Each year the school turn-out is remarkable and...

How do American schools compare to the rest of the world?
Kellan Hudson, Opinion Editor • March 1, 2024

There are incredible teachers here at East, in fact much better teachers than there were at my old school, but what if there was a way they could improve...

How to avoid becoming a ‘Karen’
Vivian LaMange, Sports Editor • March 1, 2024

When you hear the name ‘Karen’, what comes to mind first? Is it the signature haircut, the grating tone of voice, or...

Can a healthy relationship with social media exist?
Kellan Hudson, Opinion Editor • March 1, 2024

I’ve had Instagram for a while now, and it is safe to say that I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with it. I’ve...

What to look for in the 2024 election
Alan Alagoz, Guest Writer • February 2, 2024

As 2024 kicks off two big headlines crowd around us. The election of November 5th and the controversial situation taking...

Podcasts: the newest form of entertainment
Harry Reed, Sports Editor • February 2, 2024

Long-form content is back. From TikToks to YouTube Shorts, Instagram reels, and anything in between, as social media began...

Godspell prepares to break a leg next weekend
Godspell prepares to break a leg next weekend
Luci Perez-Simons and Linnea Dever April 20, 2024

The East Grand Rapids High School Theater Program is setting the stage for its spring musical, Godspell, directed by Pamela Steers and Mark Webb.  Godspell...

“Mean girls” - Is it as fetch as the original?
Kellan Hudson, Opinion Editor • February 2, 2024

Many teenage girls have at some point seen the movie Mean Girls. For those who haven’t seen the original, the early 2000s comedy takes place...

Box office hit “Wonka” is pure imagination
Linnea Dever, Lead Editor • February 2, 2024

There’s no doubt that I went into the theaters excited to see Timothee Chalamet jump into the role of Willy Wonka, but did I know what to...

“Anyone but you” or “Any movie but this movie?” - Luci and Sarah’s hot take on the new rom-com
Sarah Lincolnhol and Luci Perez-Simons February 2, 2024

After watching the Anyone But You movie, we could only think of “any movie but this one.” Anyone But You truly fell short of the high expectations...

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Boy’s Golf Getting into the “Full Swing” of things
Caitlin Davies and Lauren Whynott March 27, 2024

The Boys' Varsity Golf Team is in full swing as spring weather rolls around. The game of golf consistently calls for warm...

Track is looking to run it back at states
Luci Perez-Simons, Lead Editor • March 27, 2024

Track and field is getting ready to run to their state competitions this season.  Both...

Girls tennis looks to serve up success
Lauren Whynott and Caitlin Davies March 27, 2024

Getting ready for the 2024 spring season, the Girl's Varsity Tennis Team is prepared to take...

Soccer springs into comeback season
Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer • March 27, 2024

The EGR Girls Varsity Soccer team is working hard to gear up for this upcoming season. As they...

Boys Lacrosse season preview
Olivia Shaw, Focus Editor • March 3, 2024

After an uncharacteristic 10 to 11 loss in the regional finals last year to Lowell, the EGR...

Grand Rapids athletics is on the rise with new professional volleyball team
Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer • March 1, 2024

The Grand Rapids Rise is a new women’s pro volleyball team to the area. They are a prime...

Eoghan Burns; the man behind the media
Eoghan Burns; the man behind the media
Addysan Buck, Entertainment Editor • March 27, 2024

Arguably one of the most involved EGR senior students, Eoghan Burns has taken on many important and time consuming roles...

Carter Barnes; a man of mystery
Charlie Seufert, Staff Writer • March 27, 2024

A man who is known by many names is a man who is known to live different lives.  His friends...

A new group of NHS members
Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer • March 27, 2024

National Honors Society, or NHS, is a nationwide organization available to 11th and 12th graders....

The Dangers of Sunburns
Olivia Shaw, Focus Editor • March 27, 2024

With spring break coming up and summer on the way increased UV and sun exposure are inevitable...