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Model UN Eager to Continue Despite Restrictions
Model UN Eager to Continue Despite Restrictions
Tucker White, Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

For years Model UN has challenged students to expand their knowledge and grow as people.  “It shows students the power of public speaking, good writing, and collaboration,” Thomas Kawel said, one of the advisors that runs Model UN at the high...

S.P.E.A.K Lends a Hand to MLK Day
Linnea Dever, Staff Writer • January 14, 2022

  As MLK day approaches, East Grand Rapids once again honors the legacy of Dr. King. One organization, Students Promoting...

New Athletic Director Plans To Continue the Tradition of Excellence
Grace Samra, News Editor • November 3, 2021

Walking down the hallways, you may see a new face wearing an East pullover. Weaving in and out of meetings with coaches and...

New Weight Room Program for Athletes
Addysan Buck, Staff Writer • November 3, 2021

At the end of last year, then athletic director Tim Johnston contacted Power Strength to contract them to work at the high...

Hearts of Gold Raises $96,890 for Family Promise
Olivia Borgula, Lead Editor • November 2, 2021

Hearts of Gold: the long-standing tradition of raising money for a charity organization to demonstrate the community's...

Don't Compare Yourself
Noor Duoibes, Opinion Editor • November 2, 2021

Social media is exhausting. I said it, I know we’re all thinking it. I have had a presence on social media since the 5th grade so this feeling of social...

Political Tik Toks Can Create a Toxic Echo Chamber
Noor Duoibes, Opinion Editor • November 2, 2021

As Tik Tok trends come and go, one trend remains popular, politics. Politics is the most polarizing topic imaginable,...

The Effects of Social Media Can Be Positive
George Samra, Editor-in-Chief • November 2, 2021

The Facebook Files were released by the Wall Street Journal this fall, highlighting the myriad of ways in which Facebook...

How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?
Jack Higgins, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021

First you start scrolling through Instagram, then get a Snapchat notification, then find yourself scrolling through TikTok,...

Where Is the Line Between Jokes and Racism?
Noor Duoibes, Opinion Editor • October 6, 2021

Learning to Figure Out What Is Appropriate To Say, and What Is Not Red in the face, a cold sweat building up, I sat bracing...

Girls Basketball Aims to Bounce Back
Girls Basketball Aims to Bounce Back
Grace Samra, Sports Editor • January 14, 2022

The girl’s basketball team had a rough start to the season, but they are hoping to pull the team together and come back...

Underclassmen Divers Rack up Points To Qualify for Regionals
Isabelle Ranger, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021

Ava Jendritz Isabelle Ranger '22: What do you do in summer to dive? Do you travel far? Ava...

Jaylah Naves Makes History on the Freshman Football Team
Grace Samra, Sports Editor • November 2, 2021

Under the lights with all the helmets and pads on, you would never know the difference between...

Equestrian Extraordinaire Emma Paul Raises the Bar
Liam VanderLaan, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021

Equestrianism, or the art of horseback riding involves the cooperation between the rider and...

Boys Soccer Attempts to Win Second Straight District Title
Jack Higgins, Staff Writer • October 21, 2021

Peter Cannon ‘23 has racked up some impressive numbers so far in the District tournament....

Conference Tournament Shows Soccer Team's Mettle after Tough Season
Jack Higgins, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

The tournament season has begun and the Pioneers have come to play. They have outscored opponents...

A Look Into Who Is Behind the Infamous Barstool EGR Instagram Account
Michael Colombo, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021

A new Instagram page has burst onto the scene in East Grand Rapids. The account, Barstool EGR, is a parody of Dave Portnoy’s...

Violet Bowdle Focuses on Musical Aspirations Next Year
Olivia Williams, Staff Writer • November 2, 2021

“I’ve just been writing as long as I can remember,” Violet Bowdle ‘22 said, reminiscing...

Dancing Provides a Unique Outlet for Students
Lauren Bentley, Focus Editor • November 2, 2021

Elin Escobar-Forsberg ‘23 is able to walk into ballet and greet life-long friends. “I have...

A Bit of Clara-ty: Devious Licks and Angelic Yield
Clara Lincolnhol, Guest Writer • November 2, 2021

It’s highly probable that most high school students are currently aware of the “devious...