The East Vision

Caitlin Davies

Caitlin Davies, Staff Writer

When trying to get Caitlins attention, you might have to repeat yourself a couple of times. If you get through to her, odds are she is already mad or tired. Catch her after school babysitting, or fresh out of soccer practice. Caitlin tends to retreat to her bedroom after a long day, or to watch Gossip Girl the second anything goes wrong. She is an outlet for many students who don’t feel like doing their homework. Ask Caitlin Davies and she will send it right over, no questions asked. Even with her academic smarts by her side, it takes her an average of 5 minutes to understand anything that isn’t science or math. Caitlin is a younger version of her brother, Collin “Dirty” or “Squirty” Davies in every aspect. She spends her free time completing school work to feel productive, or hanging out with her cats. Even throughout all of this chaos, Caitlin is a kind and hardworking student. She brings many things to the table, and makes a great addition to the East Vision.

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