The East Vision

Lauren Whynott, Staff Writer

Find an ugly picture of yourself somewhere on the internet? Odds are it was taken by Lauren Whynott. Catching people off guard in photos is one of her many specialities. She is an infamous school try hard, yet needs help understanding every assignment given to her. She spends her free time at starbucks, or talking about starbucks. Catch her front register at fruition, make sure to say your order very slowly or there is a high chance she gets it wrong. The money she makes there will be spent on, you guessed it, starbucks. Lauren is upfront, and will be honest with you when something isn't to her expectations. She is a wonderful lacrosse and volleyball player and always gives it her all! Even with all that, Lauren has wonderful team spirit, is super compassionate, and a great person to talk to.

All content by Lauren Whynott