The East Vision

Lila Marguerite

Lila Marguerite, Staff Writer

If you ever hear the annoying sound of smacking gum, Lila Marguerite is most likely around. If sitting next to her in class, chances are you will have to be her teacher. She will always be confused, and flustered, but still manages to somehow get good grades. Despite Lila’s extreme germaphobic tendencies, she gets sick at least twice a month and will be sniffling in class because she doesn't have any more excused absences left. If you ever get invited to Lila’s house, the plus is she has a pool. The downside however is you will immediately get attacked by a giant wolf, which she chooses to keep as a pet. Despite her many quirks, Lila is a funny friend, a committed swimmer, a dedicated student, and a fabulous new addition to the East Vision.

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