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Chloe Custer

Chloe Custer, Staff Writer

Chloe Custer is known for extending invites but never really following through. Very rarely will her friends be allowed at her house because they are “too loud”. She identifies with the tennis “pack” and is an all-star on the court. Chloe is unemployed and currently has -72 dollars in her bank account. You’ve probably heard Chloe say “OMG I did so bad on that test,” whilst she got a 90. Chloe destroys anything Trader Joe's. Especially the mango popsicles. Go to Indian Trails Golf Course after school and you’ll probably catch her whiffing some golf balls in the JV Golf driving range. She embraces the Country Club spirit and is always aiming to be preppy. She is an enthusiastic worker and a wonderful asset to The East Vision.


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